Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and other useful information – please read it all, to ensure you have a great time at Cana.

Here you can find the answers to frequently asked questions, and download all sorts of useful forms and documents.

Cana Cottage rental tariffs

How to book a Cana Cottage

The story of the Cana Cottages

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Turning on power at Cana

Cana Parking Plan

Cana Cleaning Requirements

Cana Tenant Rules

Cana Cottage rental tariffs 2020-21

Aldinga Scrub Conservation Park (a short walk through the side streets behind Cana

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*NEW – Cana COVID Declaration form for tenants

What church services are available nearby? The Cana Cottages sit in the Willunga Parish. The closest church is Mary of Galilee on the corner of Quinliven and How Roads. Contact information is available here. There’s a Vigil Mass each Saturday at 5.30pm.

How do I use the TV in Cottage 1? Press TV and set top box remotes until both devices show a green light. If ‘No signal’ is displayed on the TV – push ‘OK’ on TV and use ‘Channel up’ button to select input AV3.

Bob should be your uncle! If not, close your eyes and listen to the relaxing sound of waves.